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Charlotte and Georg Kretschmer

Georg Kretschmer, born in Breslau, had the order to defend the city during the war until the end, 1945. In the battle he lay with his mate, who was managing director of the Schultheiss brewery, together in the trenches. Bullets flew around their ears. His mate asked him what he planned to do after the war. Georg Kretschmer said he would like to open a restaurant. He wants to offer Schultheiss beer there – and he would call it the same way. His mate laughed and promised to deliver the beer – no matter where in Germany. An exciting story, which continued here in Hameln in 1952, because although Georg Kretschmer spent years in captivity, both kept their promise.


Soldaten Royal Engineers Hameln Schultheiss

Georg Kretschmer and his wife Charlotte founded the restaurant in Hameln on May 24, 1952. The building on the chestnut-lined Ilphulweg seems to be the ideal location: the nearby “Linsingen Kaserne” (Gordon Barracks) and the fact that the town center was less than five minutes away, as well as a pleasantly green beer garden, made a most comfortable setting for their new enterprise. Almost immediately, the British military community took advantage of the friendly atmosphere, which quickly led to a happy boom for their young and unknown restaurant.

Wappen der Royal Engineers

Royal Engineers badge

In 1976 Wolfgang and Marlies Kretschmer took over the management of the restaurant. With much drive and innovation, the two reached their new goals for the Schultheiss. Under the supervision of Marlies Kretschmer, the kitchen evolved from simple home-style cooking to increasingly refined dishes.

Mother Marlies, son Jörg and father Wolfgang Kretschmer

Their son Jörg, like his father a qualified cook, completed his Master-Chef examinations in 1998. Jörg Kretschmer and Silke Müller carried out several conversions and extensions over the years, making the Schultheiss more and more what it is today: a cozy hotel with a good restaurant and a nice beer garden.

The excellent reputation is well known far beyond the borders of Hameln. And from a long, good tradition, we feel today also closely associated with the British military community.

If you decide to travel to Hameln, we would be very happy if you visit us.

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